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Message: 205
BY: Simon Strandgaard (neoneye)
DATE: 2003-08-10 20:51
SUBJECT: RE: speed?


Agree, AEditor *is* slow, because 2 reasons:

#1 the undo/redo system in some cases, takes a full-snapshot of the buffer content (Backspace). Idealistic it should of cause only take a snapshot of the affected data. I will add this to my TODO-list.

#2 the data-structure for the model is KISS and consumes many bytes in order to represent only one letter in the buffer. I started developing prototypes in C++ (before I knew Ruby), I made a relative good design: where several letters is grouped into one object, thus I don't need the pointers in the double-linked list. I plan to use same concept for AEditor, this will require an C++ module. It will hopefully turn AEditor into an low-memory-consuming application :-)

Simon Strandgaard

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