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By: David Heinemeier Hansson
RE: Instiki on RubyForge [ reply ]  
2004-06-07 18:28
That sounds awesome. And yes, you'll need to run everything in one instance. But it should be easy to setup a script that created a new wiki by the same name of a new project.

Do mind, though, that there's currently just one master password. So only you guys could edit stuff on the Edit Web screen.

By: Tom Copeland
Instiki on RubyForge [ reply ]  
2004-06-07 17:24
Hi David -

Rich and I were wondering if maybe we could use Instiki on RubyForge - i.e., one Wiki for each project. Just trying to figure out how that would work:

- can Instiki run in CGI mode?
- if not, we could just run one instance for the whole site, right?