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By: Glenn Lewis
The Rubychess project and a bit of background [ reply ]  
2006-10-12 03:56
I have now been working on the port of pythonchess-0.6 to Ruby for over two months and have come to the point of diminishing returns. In other words, I've about exhausted my brain cells on this one.

Even though I have been programming in Ruby for over 5 years and consider myself somewhat adept at it, this port has been an extremely challenging project (also, I didn't know much about python when I started, except that I didn't like its use of white space as part of the language syntax).

Now, rubychess will actually start playing a good game of chess, but it will eventually crash as it gets closer to figuring out how to checkmate you. This is, obviously, unacceptable. But I need help in tracking down and fixing the remaining bug(s).

Therefore, I've decided to go ahead and make rubychess a Rubyforge project and hopefully enlist the talent of some of you bright Rubyists to help me weed out the remaining bugs and polish this puppy up so that we can play chess with our favorite language without fear of crashing. :-)

Thank you in advance for those who will help me with this!

-- Glenn Lewis