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By: Luke Galea
RE: Date unsupported? [ reply ]  
2006-10-17 20:09
Hi Rene,

Unfortunately, there is some "magic" at work to make date_select join all the sub-items together in ROR, and I have never really figured it out.

Because SubList Helper bypasses a bit of the normal logic of ROR it seems that it breaks the date select. You can get around it either by splitting the fields manually (ie. have a select for month, day, year, etc and then put them together yourself) which is effectively what date_select does, or you can have a single uneditable text-field with a button to pop up a calendar that populates the text-field. There are some plugins/helpers out there to do the latter.

Hope that helps!

By: Rene Schubotz
Date unsupported? [ reply ]  
2006-10-04 00:57
Hi Luke, hi all!

I was playing around with your nice plugin for a while and wonder if <date_select> is supported.

My attempts to create subitems with a date attribute lead to

undefined method `stringify_keys!' for "2006":String

for example. I'm quite glueless and grateful for any hints. Thanks, Rene