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By: Alan Beebe
PayPal Setup help [ reply ]  
2013-04-04 12:35
Hello, we are a new user group for OpenCampground, and so far everything has been goign well. We are wanitng to use this to replace our current online system, but we are having a problem getting it to work with PayPal.

Has anyone had any luck with this on a Windows Small Business Server? I can get it to go to PayPal, but then I get a very odd error at PayPal and cannot figure this out. Is there a certain account type that is needed on PayPal (i.e. Advanced or Pro) instead of the standard account? I have added the certificate on both sides and even made a small change from the original one that came with it, but I can't get the SandBox or the live site to work properly.

Any ideas or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I think this progrma is a great low cost solution and I know our customers will be happy with it once we can take online reservaitons.