Posted By: Robin Stocker
Date: 2006-05-10 11:00
Summary: id3lib-ruby 0.2.0
Project: id3lib-ruby

This is the second release of id3lib-ruby.

== Changes

* Overhauled direct access methods
* Remove frames by setting them to nil, e.g. tag.title = nil
* Removed methods for rarely used frames.
* All methods use strings now, no special cases like track anymore.
* Explicit call of to_s in set_frame_text.
* More unit tests
* Added method invalid_frames which is useful to detect invalid frame
data before calling update!.

== Description

id3lib-ruby provides a Ruby interface to the id3lib C++ library for
easily editing ID3 tags (v1 and v2) like with pyid3lib. Because the
extension is based on SWIG, already most of the features of id3lib are

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By: Robin Stocker
RE: win32 install: depedency on id3.h ? [ reply ]  
2007-10-11 10:38
Hi Bill,

Have you looked at the install instructions here?:

Maybe what is needed is this:

export CONFIGURE_ARGS="--with-opt-dir=/sw"

Did it work?


By: Bill Kiskin
RE: win32 install: depedency on id3.h ? [ reply ]  
2007-10-08 19:04
HBi Robin,

I got the same error when trying to install into my Mac OS X (10.4). I got the error trying to compile, so I figured I'd do a "sudo apt-get install id3lib4-dev" and just got the same error in a different form. Any ideas?



By: Robin Stocker
RE: win32 install: depedency on id3.h ? [ reply ]  
2006-06-27 13:14
Hi Brian,

I'm sorry for replying so late, I wasn't notified of your post and so didn't see it. There doesn't seem to be notification support for news items, so for the next time, please add an item to one of the trackers.

And yes, the Windows binary Gem is the solution :)


By: Brian Murrell
RE: win32 install: depedency on id3.h ? [ reply ]  
2006-05-30 16:55
Sounds like id3lib-ruby 0.3.0 (Windows binary gem) is my solution? I encountered my problem before you released 0.3.0...


By: Brian Murrell
win32 install: depedency on id3.h ? [ reply ]  
2006-05-28 04:52
Hi Robin,

Thanks for this id3lib interface.

I'm having a problem installing it... I got the id3lib windows binaries from here: -- I don't have MSVC++ on my machine, so I put the id3lib.dll, id3lib.exp and id3lib.lib files in my \windows\system32 directory... There's no doc, so I put them where I figured they'd be found...

I then ran the following command to install id3lib-ruby:

gem install id3lib-ruby

and I got the following error:

ruby extconf.rb install id3lib-ruby\nchecking for id3.h... no
You must have id3lib installed in order to use id3lib-ruby!

My questions: if I installed the DLL and LIB, why does it need the .h? And I can get the .h stuff (the id3lib sources) but does that not mean I need to have MSCV++ to build this thing? If I do get the id3lib sources, where do I put them so id3lib-ruby install can find them? I am msvc++/build ignorant, so please be kind.