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By: Jonas Rullo
RE: Podcatch OPML/feed searching [ reply ]  
2006-03-27 20:08
Thanks for clearing that up. You're correct, I was thinking the search would give back individual episodes.

I guess it would be a feature request then to search feeds for episodes. If I were looking for a particular topic, I'd like to search a group of feeds for the topic and get back all the individual episodes with that topic. If I were looking for "IRC" for example, I could search all my feeds for shows with the IRC topic and grab just those shows rather than the latest episode of a show that may not deal with that subject eventhough the feed does. It's a finer grain search with hopefully more relevant results.

I'm wondering if this is too far beyond what you intended for a command line feed grabber. There would probably have to be some kind of code to check if a resultant feed was already in your cache/history. No sense double downloading.

It's sure a cool tool just the way it is though.

By: Doga Armangil
RE: Podcatch OPML/feed searching [ reply ]  
2006-03-27 16:46
Jonas, Hi,
In its current form, the search function produces a subset of the feeds it receives as argument. So it has a filtering effect on a feed set.

It does not currently produce a set of relevant feed items (which was your intention, I think), although I find this an interesting idea which I might explore in a future version.

This function looks at metadata present in feeds and subscription lists. For feeds, it currently looks at feed-specific data like channel title and description; it does not look at item-specific data.

podcatcher -F search binary

<?xml version='1.0'?>
<opml version='1.1'>
<title>Search results for &quot;binary &quot;</title>
<outline text='Binary Revolution Radio' url='' type='link'/>

I hope this helps.

By: Jonas Rullo
Podcatch OPML/feed searching [ reply ]  
2006-03-23 05:11
I don't have the search feature figured out. I enter a search just as the example and give it my OPML file but it doesn't find the file I know is there.
Initially I tried with a specific feed. I searched for '137' in the feed and the OPML file generated just shows my search query, but no actual feed result.

Here's the command:

podcatcher -vF search '137'' > res.opml



display file:

cat res.opml


<?xml version='1.0'?>
<opml version='1.1'>
<title>Search results for &quot;137 &quot;</title>

<<<End Output>>>

Shouldn't this be an OPML file with a feed to download? When you go to:
the feed file is loaded when viewing with a browser. There is one podcast with the number "137" in it. I thought I was supposed to get an OPML file that I could feed to the podcatcher and retrieve anything search results found.

I want to run the new function for the current stuff every so often. But I also have missed a few that I want to re-retrieve. Am I using search improperly?

Are there other examples with different options for the search function you can point me to?