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By: Dirk Elmendorf
RE: Deleting tags [ reply ]  
2006-08-02 19:48
2.0.x introduces

photo.tag_remove "Tag"

photo.tag_remove ["Bob","Sam","Mike"]

By: Peter Baker
RE: Deleting tags [ reply ]  
2006-03-20 02:00
I do not believe there is a instance method like delete_tag(String) but I have been doing something like this.

photo = Photo.find(1)
tags = photo.tag_names
photo.tag_names = tags

I would be willing to submit a patch to add methods to delete a single and multiple tags.

Let me now if I missed an easier way or if I should submit a patch.

By: Piers Young
Deleting tags [ reply ]  
2006-03-15 14:20
I'm probably being stupid, but was wondering if there's an easy way to delete tags or merge them (as per with a_a_taggable?