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By: Frederic Donnat
RE: What's the mater? [ reply ]  
2012-03-15 13:51

Could you tell us a bit more on your problem?
- What are you trying to do (Copy AMI, Copy Snap, ..)?
- Are you using one of the script we provide (which version, ...) or are you using our WebServices

Could you provide us some logs?


By: lion sir
What's the mater? [ reply ]  
2012-03-14 09:02
It's said that like below:
The execution status is: Done (Failed)

Execution Time is: 3s

Execution failed in status Initial due to image ami-befcb8ec not found

Note: There may remain instances in running state. Don't forget to check your EC2 infrastructure and perform a cleanup if necessary.

I have stopped my instance,but why does it said can't find the Ami? I have set my ami to public status.

thanks for your help.