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By: Frederic Donnat
RE: Convert AMI To EBS-booted AMI Failed [ reply ]  
2012-02-20 11:19
Hi Len,

From our internal log, I saw that this is an "internal error" of AWS API endpoint while trying to register the AMI.

For an urgent need, you should be able to mmanually register the new AMI using the AWS console (EBS/Snapshot then Create Image button) and the following parameters:
- SNAP ID: snap-9ed34ff9
- AKI: aki-a71cf9ce
- Arch: i386

We are going to add a "retry" when such an error occured.


By: Len Martin
Convert AMI To EBS-booted AMI Failed [ reply ]  
2012-02-12 22:54
Execution Time was: 239s
Execution failed in status FailedState due to Unexpected server error. response.body is: InternalErrorAn internal error has occurredcba8fb7b-c5bc-464e-9fc6-74920d4092f5

Seems to get stuck at" going to register snapshot snap-9ed34ff9... "

Please help! Thanks