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By: Ron Applebach
Photos too big for web use [ reply ]  
2012-01-02 19:55
I was using Album and it works well but I wanted something different so started searching and found Rhotoalbum.

I dont have a lot of space to store photos on my web provider so I need to keep the originals safe and then scale/thumbnail them for web display so they take up less space and load faster. Who wants to wait for a 2 meg DL for one pic?!

So I thought I would share the steps needed for it to work for me on Ubuntu 11.10.

For me to use Rhotoalbum I ended up loading Graphicsmagick (a fork of imagemagick) as it allows me to save to an alternate directory thus leaving my source pics alone. So I was able to create my web pics folder using the following command:

(Change in to picture directory first)
find . -iname "*.jpg" -print0 | xargs -0 gm mogrify -output-directory ~/webpics -quality 65 -resize 1024x768 -create-directories -monitor

So the above command searches the current directory(and all children) for jpg's. The print0 piece is to allow for filenames with spaces. We then decrease our picture quality to save space and resize the pics to 1024x768 and create the directories as needed. Monitor shows what file/folder its on.

So now I have a folder ready for rhotoalbum! So I then copied the rhotoalbum files into the webpics folder, created/edited the options file. Then on Ubuntu I needed to install libmagick9-dev so I had the gem command to load up rmagic and exifr.

Then I performed the steps under 'best practice' on the rhotoalbum website and it generated the thumbs and html so I can now post the webpics folder to my site and share to the world!

So now the only thing missing is having videos (MOV/AVI..) be able to be shown.

Hopefully these instructions will help someone..