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By: Thomas Leitner
RE: Webgen Drops Content Blocks [ reply ]  
2011-11-25 15:00
Nothing is "dropped" from the output. By default, only the block named "content" is rendered (have a look at your default.template). If you want to render other blocks, too, you have to explicitly make webgen do this by inserting a block tag like <webgen:block name="block2" /> at the place where you want to have the second block (same for the block3).

Best regards,

By: Kai Thöne
Webgen Drops Content Blocks [ reply ]  
2011-11-24 09:52

Example from:

Block 1
--- name:block2
Block 2
--- name:block3
Block 3...

Only "Block 1" is shown in the output. webgen dropped the rest.

Greets Kai.