Posted By: Jacques Distler
Date: 2011-09-13 02:38
Summary: Instiki 0.19.3 Released
Project: Instiki

Changes from 0.19.2

New Features:
* Source view for Revisions
* Rails updated to 2.3.14 (Security)
* itextomml updated to 1.4.6
* Replace REXML with Nokogiri in Maruku and
in xhtml_safe_sanitize().
(Huge speedup in rendering long pages)
* MathJax updated to 1.1a final

Bugs Fixed:
* Bundler upgraded to 1.0.18
* Fix null search bug
* Better text/html serialization (thank you, Nokogiri)
* Fix Maruku footnote backlink (reported by Shamaoke)
* Fix Maruku link bug
* Fix Maruku image title bug
* Fix Maruku hrule, email address and header bugs
* Fix Maruku bold-in-italics bug
* Fix Maruku empty list-item bug

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By: Tom Dickens
Need help installing Instiki [ reply ]  
2011-10-14 02:42
I'm having trouble installing Instiki 0.19.1 on Windows 7. I've installed Ruby 1.8.7 (I read that 1.9.2 will not work for this) and the DevKit, and run the DevKit installation. I got RubyGems with 'gem update --system.' Now when I run 'ruby bundle' from the Instiki directory I get error messages about invalid date formats.

My question is, can someone provide the correct series of steps necessary to install Instiki on Win 7? Of course I've found a bunch of info on the Web, but it has left me confused as to the correct versions and needed steps!

I'll be happy just to find out what versions work together. I can include error messages if need be.