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By: Paul Denize
RMagick, Ruby 1.9, Windows [ reply ]  
2011-08-10 21:40
I have been using RMagick for years now. But I never upgraded. Now I have to move to Ruby 1.9. It says its compatable but I cant seem to get it to work. Closest I get is that I might need to recompile/build it. I'm not familiar with the issues of target platform. I need it to run on a number of Win platforms after (as it did in the past).

I gave up and abandoned RMagic for the "CLAIMED" faster graphics like quick_magick and mini_magick but when it came to pixel manipulation RMagic leaves them in the dust. Command line calls on windows for pixel work - just never gonna work. Our job: RMagic(on Ruby 1.8.6) processing 2.4 secs, the others ... well I gave up and stopped them after 10 mins.

Can anyone help?

Is there (or can someone build me) a RMagick Binary that will be WinXP to Win7 compatable (as RMagic for Ruby 1.8 was). Performance is not critical so 32bit and compatability would be fine. Also dont really care what version of ImageMagic is required.

I have seen a number of forums that give step by step instructions about building this but they always assume some knowledge or download I know nothing about. Our linker calls always seem to fail to find dependencies.