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By: Oliver M. Bolzer
RE: Interchangable backends [ reply ]  
2003-12-11 10:53
PostgreSQL is currently the only available backend because that's what I am using :-)

But I have tought about implementing other backends and have tried to design vapor so that new backends can be used with only rewriting few classes. Adding other backends is on my TODO for post-1.0 releases but I'll have to see how easy it is, because I use some of the more powerful features of PostgreSQL like inheritance and transactions.

By: 7rans
Interchangable backends [ reply ]  
2003-12-11 05:13
Admittedly I haven't studie or tried Vapor. But I;m wondering about its use of Postgresql. Don;t get me wrong, that's my DB of choice, but I'm wondering if you've thought of making the backend modular/interchangable.

Also in want format do you marshal you objects?