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By: Norm Scherer
RE: Site Availability Screen [ reply ]  
2010-10-21 16:18
In admin->setup->system_options you can change the number of days shown on the site availability screen. The default value is 120 days but you can change it. A larger value will make the display come up a bit slower but should not really make any difference other than that. You should then be able to scroll over to see what is up in the future. I tried it with a value of 365 and it worked fine.

Another option depending on what you are looking for is to use the scheduled arrival report. Go to admin->reports->scheduled arrivals. You can set the dates you are interested in and a report will be generated that can be looked at on the screen or printed.

Enjoy the system

By: Bruce Barrieau
Site Availability Screen [ reply ]  
2010-10-21 00:46
I am concidering using this campground reservation software and have been playing with the demo version. I made a reservation for several moths out but it does not show up on the Site Availability Screen. And there does not appear to be way to scroll over to the right to see future dates.
Any suggestions?