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By: Tom Copeland
RE: ezPower Point of Sale [ reply ]  
2010-11-15 19:11
Hi Steven -

Perhaps you meant to post this on the webgen forums? This project is just for RubyForge-specific issues.



By: Steven Calvert
ezPower Point of Sale [ reply ]  
2010-10-18 07:37
I have a shop and use Denver Research's "ezPower POS" for my till system. It has Webgen built into this program which I use to create product html files which I manually import to my website and view them in iframes in my mebsite. (
Can the information Webgen takes from my product database be altered to show the amount in stock rather than the long description? If it can how can it be done. I am not a programmer so maybe I would have to get Denver Research to alter this for me.
Thank you