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By: Doga Armangil
RE: [ reply ]  
2010-05-31 10:05
Right now, podcatcher does not allow you to cherry pick files in that way (the -C option works for the file's MIME type, not its name).

What is currently lacking in podcatcher is better support for the Media RSS extension (the feed you mention is using that extension). podcatcher could then select files according to attributes like image width/height etc.

I am adding this feature to my todo list. To speed things up, I also accept code contributions (as long as they make sense to me :). The source code is available at

Thanks for the feedback.

By: Jason Prokopowich [ reply ]  
2010-05-30 15:35
How might I catch this podcast,

but only the files ending in,

I have tried,
-C '.*_xvid_320x240_500\.mp4'