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By: Steven Hansen
Trouble Installing Version 2.7.7 [ reply ]  
2009-12-09 18:46

I'm using Centos 5, which uses ruby-1.8.5, and trying to install the mysql gem like so:

sudo gem install mysql -v 2.7.4

However, I get the error:

ERROR: could not find gem mysql locally or in a repository

Have versions of the mysql gem previous to 2.8.x been removed from the gem repo?

If so, why, and can you recommend a way to install on of these no longer published version of the gem.


I would upgrade to ruby 1.8.6, except 1.8.6 is not available for Centos and our admins will not install software unless they can use yum. Only 1.8.5 is currently available for Centos :-(