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By: Roger Pack
RE: DestroyConstitute ? [ reply ]  
2009-11-22 02:44

By: Omer Bar-or
RE: DestroyConstitute ? [ reply ]  
2009-11-22 00:44
Hi, Roger -

I just committed a fix for this issue that will go out in the next release. If you have some time and want to verify the fix, I'd appreciate it if you checked out the code and attempted to install it.

- Omer.

By: Omer Bar-or
RE: DestroyConstitute ? [ reply ]  
2009-11-21 08:32
It looks like ImageMagick renamed one of their functions in the latest version. For now, RMagick does not work with ImageMagick-6.5.7.

I've created a bug for solving this issue in RMagick, and there will be a fix in the next release.

See the bug:


By: Roger Pack
DestroyConstitute ? [ reply ]  
2009-11-20 01:34
I get a link error that it can't find DestroyConstitute when I compile in mingw against the latest version of ImageMagick.
Anybody know what's going on here? (just commented it out for now...)