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By: Praveen Devarao
RE: Not able to download the new Release 1.1.0 [ reply ]  
2009-06-19 17:16
Updating on the status....

The new version of the ibm_db gem is now ready for download and available at

This version of the gem exploits the new features of the latest DB2, version V9.7 along with various other features like ActiveRecord's Query Cache Mechanism and other enhancements, whose details can be found in the change log and the release notes.

As always, keep flowing your comments, suggestions and now your contributions too.



By: Praveen Devarao
Not able to download the new Release 1.1.0 [ reply ]  
2009-06-17 15:24
Hi All,

Looks like there is some problem in the mirroring of the ruby site due to which the gems are not available for download. We have brought this to the rubyforge guys and they are looking into.

Will notify as soon as everything is set back to normal and when the gem is available for download.

Drop in your comments, if any queries.