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By: Simon Kröger
RE: patch: nogui , timeout, YAML output, fas [ reply ]  
2005-12-08 22:07
I released v0.2.2, if you have a tournament runner usable with this version let me know.

By: peter recore
RE: patch: nogui , timeout, YAML output, fas [ reply ]  
2005-12-08 03:31
great. I have round robins running now against my versions. Only have text output so far, Am working on a html results page, then I will need make sure it still works with the code in CVS. "tournament edition will be well on it's way!"

By: Simon Kröger
RE: patch: nogui , timeout, YAML output, fas [ reply ]  
2005-12-06 22:49
Thanks a lot, i integrated most of it in the cvs tree.
(but added support for draws, made #kills and #damage_given private, corrected the description of timeout, removed some now obsolete outputs).

I will release this as v0.2.2 very soon, or create a "RRobots v0.3 Tournament" edition if we can put a decent tournament runner together.

By: peter recore
patch: nogui , timeout, YAML output, fastgui [ reply ]  
2005-12-06 08:41
I just posted a patch with all the features to support tourneys that I think I need:

Next step is to polish up the tourney code.

- Specify a timeout on the command line. Match will end after #{timeout} ticks.
- Results of match are now printed in YAML format for easy parsing. (old output is sent to stderr so it is still viewable,
but doesn't pollute the YAML)
- A command line option -nogui to run in non gui mode, for increased speed.
nongui mode prints a series of dots to $stderr indicate progress.
- Specify a speed on command line to make match go faster in gui.
- Slight refactoring to help accomplish some of these features.

- track stats for kills, damage_given

This is fun! Thanks for getting the ball rolling. I hope you like the changes.

These files were branched from version 0.2.1

I don't yet know how to make useful patches on windows, so I have uploaded the whole file.