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By: Admin Admin
RE: Drupal Integration [ reply ]  
2009-08-18 03:05
These are great ideas. We have a similar requirement with drupal and lac sign-in. Our drupal accounts are LDAP authorized and LDAP is high on my feature list.

With the addition of feeds to the pages/guides I had thought about the portal pages too. I really like your idea and can see it happening.

Thanks for the ideas.

By: Ian Chan
RE: Drupal Integration [ reply ]  
2009-08-17 22:21
Hi Kim, here are some ideas (finally) about integrating the two applications.

Sync Drupal/LAC authentication

Typically, our librarians are already logged-in to our Drupal-based intranet. If their authenticated status could be passed on to LAC that would ease account/password management and save them from having to login to LAC.

Sync module and guide information

This might be as simple as XML feeds of guides by status and subject/tag. Our course and subject guide index pages are in Drupal. Right now, our librarians must create a listing in Drupal for each guide in order to publish theirs guides to the index. With an XML feed, we could simply embed the feeds. Ideally the feeds in LAC would accept variables in the URL so we could use one subject/course guides page in Drupal and dynamically select the content from LAC. Alternatively, we could use the FeedAPI module in Drupal to import each guide as it's own entry in Drupal. The full content would not be imported - only fields such as title, author, updated, URL, etc.

By: Admin Admin
RE: Drupal Integration [ reply ]  
2009-06-24 22:48
Hi Ian,
We have a proof of concept custom Drupal module that connect to the Library a la Carte database and pulls in information about a librarian's course pages. We then use the Drupal module in our staff pages so that when ever a librarian publishes a course page, their staff profiles list the pages names, links and short description. See this example, towards the bottom of the page the list of class pages is the custom module:

Also the new version has RSS feeds for every page and guide so I am investigating how that can be used. We are also implementing widgets that can be embedded in any web page.

Drupal integration is something alot of people are interested in, so I am hoping others can help me think about what types of integration would be useful. Any ideas?

By: Ian Chan
Drupal Integration [ reply ]  
2009-05-05 19:55
I'd like to find out more on integrating Library a la Carte and Drupal. Please let me know some of the ways you integrate the two applications. Thanks!