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By: Eric Bauld
RE: Orphan msg files [ reply ]  
2009-03-21 16:29
From what I have learned going through the reliable-msg source. Is that it creates as many files as it needs to store messages. When the message is no longer needed the file remains. But when reliable-msg needs a file for a new message instead of creating a new file it re-uses an old msg file on disk.

By: Dan Hale
Orphan msg files [ reply ]  
2008-10-26 17:58
I have a situation with reliable-msg 1.1.0 using disk-based storage. The queue directory gradually accumulates msg files, but the queue manager appears to have lost track of them. As near as I can tell, the messages were received by the queue consumer process, so no data was lost. It just appears that the queue manager somehow failed to remove the file after the message was delivered to the queue processor. Has anyone seen this behavior?