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By: Noé Falzon
RE: Gnome like scrollbar ? [ reply ]  
2008-04-14 23:22
Me again !

I don't know Ruby, all I know of GTK is what I read tonight and I don't have away to test it right now, but running through tutorials and GTK references, I think i might have an idea to fix this (but maybe it's too simple to work...).

The ScrolledWindow has this function :

GtkWidget* gtk_scrolled_window_get_vscrollbar GtkScrolledWindow *scrolled_window);

It should be able to retrieve a pointer to the scrollbar.

Then, the following function could maybe hide it :

void gtk_widget_hide( GtkWidget *widget );

Of course, you'll need to translate this in the ruby-gtk equivalent.

Again, it is just an idea, and it may be really far from working. I would have tried before telling, if I were on my regular computer ;°)

Good luck !

By: Alexis Andre
RE: Gnome like scrollbar ? [ reply ]  
2008-04-10 08:34
Hi, and thanks for your feedback.

It is a feature so far, as I am using a standard GTK widget to display the text.

But what you said makes so much sense I'll look into it.

The screenshots were taken with a small text only, hence the absence of scrollbar.

By: Noé Falzon
Gnome like scrollbar ? [ reply ]  
2008-04-07 22:10
I tried rubyroom and liked it a lot, until my text became larger than one screen. Then a regular gtk (i guess) scrollbar appeared on the right of the fullscreen window, absolutely ruining the "no distraction" principle...

I don't see it on the screenshots. Is it possible that something is wrong only on my computer ?

I'm using Ubuntu Gutsy, and ruby and ruby-gnome2 are both installed.

Is it a feature or a bug ?
Thanks !