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By: Tom Cloyd
cannot create new web in Kubuntu [ reply ]  
2008-03-31 06:46
I moved most of my work to Kubuntu 7.10 a few months ago. I'm just now moving a set of Instiki webs. Got them moved just fine, BUT I cannot seem to get acces to the 'create new web' function - or whatever it's called.

The weblist - http://localhost:2500/web_list - doesn't offer it, and the 'edit web' page accessible from within any given web doesn't either. I seem to recall that in my Windows Instiki instances, the latter was where it was possible to access the 'create new web' function.

Thinking that it might help to run Instiki as Administrator, I launched it with "sudo ruby instiki', but the pages that then displayed didn't offer anything new to me.

I'm stuck at this point. Any suggestions?