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By: Chris Born
Superuser access [ reply ]  
2007-10-22 17:49
So, I have been making a few modifications to RoomsForBoxes. Among others, one thing I added was sub lists to the super users admin section to see the files and folders in the customer tables.
For example I have links to all the files, and they point to the right location, however when the super user clicks them it jumps to the customers login url. So, getting close.

However, what I need to do now, is allow the super user access to all customers and the files. I realize this may be an involved process, but I just need a little direction here as I am a little new to ruby rails.

looking at the authentication_controller it looks like I may be able to get by with making a change to login, and add something like "or @logged_in_user.is_admin?" to the the authorize_reading,updating,creating,deleting unless blocks.

I know there may be more than that, but a little help on how to start this would be great.