Posted By: Tom Copeland
Date: 2004-06-15 19:56
Summary: A Wiki for each project...
Project: RubyForge Support now awaiting. To enable your project's Wiki, please peruse the instructions here:

Feedback is welcome, thanks!


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By: Danny van Bruggen
RE: Features/Help [ reply ]  
2005-10-24 14:41
I second this, and await improvements.

By: Dirk Detering
Features/Help [ reply ]  
2004-12-17 09:32

I recently started a new project with the notion to first hack ideas, concepts and specs into the project's wiki, so using it as a public notebook or whiteboard for my thoughts.

I'm experienced user of Twiki (usage mainly, project wiki in my company) and of PmWiki (admin too, use it on my home page), but the work with rubyforge's wiki (UseMod) seems very hard.

1.) It took a good portion of time to realise that it is a UseMod installation. Was not noted when I started administering my project.

2.) There is no help for formatting rules a.s.o. on rubyforge, nor a link to it.
As it was not clear in the beginning, which wiki it is, I didn't even know where to search in the web.
Not to talk about having such a link or help in the editor view of a page, like other wikis do.

3.) I tried to put a link to on the home page of my wiki, just to have it at hand (workaround), but this wiki installation seems not to accept external links?

4.) There seems to be no easy or clear way to upload images to include them in pages. How is the intented way to achieve that?
This is in my opinion an important feature when trying to use this wiki for conceptional work.

As a result the handling of this wiki is very annoying for me, and I feel it not handy enough to be a really useful project tool, as it should be in this place.

Any help or hint is appreciated, as I would like to avoid putting this project stuff on my home page's wiki.

Ah, yes: And I absolutely want to avoid maintaining this conceptional stuff in uploaded documents of a specific file type.

Dirk Detering