Posted By: Genki Takiuchi
Date: 2007-08-08 20:23
Summary: ShootingStar-3.2.0 Release
Project: ShootingStar

ShootingStar is the comet server which is implemented by ruby and C language with use of epoll/kqueue.

Main subjects of this release are a cleaning of stacked tasks ;-)

Details are as follows.

+ 3 major enhancements:
+ Automatic activation/deactivation of flash client.
+ Ported meteor_strike.swf from CS3 to mtasc.
+ Heart beat.
- Serialized event execution.
+ 7 minor enhancements:
+ shooting_star.yml is processed by ERB.
+ Updated implementation of observers.
+ Updated chat generator with connection notification.
+ Added sample chat observer script (see script/chat_observer).
+ Separated views of xhr and flash html into views/.
+ Added an event which will fire when connection is established.
+ Added debugging mode to meteor_strike.
+ 6 minor spec changes:
+ Changed default pid file location from log/ to tmp/pids/.
+ options[:connected] obsoleted. Please use options[:event] instead.
+ Became independent from alias_method_chain in order to support applications
which use older versions (<1.2) of ruby on rails.
+ Added :debug option to meteor_strike helper.
+ Added :heartbeart option to meteor_strike helper.
+ Added :noflash option to meteor_strike helper.

("-" signs mean it was scheduled but not completed in this release)

For users of previous version, it is necessary to update your application by steps as follows;

$ cd /path/to/rails/root
$ shooting_star init
$ ./script/generate meteor


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By: Genki Takiuchi
404 Not Found? [ reply ]  
2007-08-08 21:01
It seems that I can't upload files to rubyforge now.

gem and tgz files are also provided here:

You can install by following command;

# gem install