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By: Thomas Preymesser
RE: Install Dependency? [ reply ]  
2007-07-04 07:04
Hi Dave,

i could not reproduce your error. Either 'gem install roo' prompts you for every dependent gem and you must choose 'Y' or 'gem install roo --include-dependencies' installs all dependent gems automatically.

By: David Lazar
Install Dependency? [ reply ]  
2007-07-04 02:12
Happened to stumble across an OO spreadsheet I'd like to parse.. used command sudo gem install roo and it spit back this:

Error instaling roo:
roo requires parseexcel >=

But a quick search on RubyForge revealed nothing about parseexcel.. what's up with that? Is there something missing in roo, or is this a pre-requisite from some other project? Could someone kindly elaborate?