Posted By: Fran├žois Beausoleil
Date: 2007-03-12 21:51
Summary: Piston 1.3.1
Project: piston

Piston eases vendor branch management when using the Subversion version control system.

This patch release corrects a few bugs, the most important of which is the fact that piston switch did not update the piston:root property correctly. In fact, piston:root was not updated at all. You will need to manually set it to the correct value.

More info can be found on the project's web site:

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By: Mark Uhrmacher
Small bug [ reply ]  
2007-03-20 14:49
It appears lib/piston/command_error.rb isn't loaded by piston.rb which causes a NotFound error every time an exception is thrown in one of the commands. I added the following line to line 25 of piston.rb which appears to fix the problem.

require File.join(PISTON_ROOT, 'piston', 'command_error')