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By: Gabriele Tassoni
RE: Microsoft Access [ reply ]  
2008-11-13 14:48
Hi Julio, I'm interested in trying to help develop the support for ms access, could you send me what you've done so far?

Thank you

By: Julio Arias
RE: Microsoft Access [ reply ]  
2007-01-17 13:41

Yeah i notice it wasn't supported once I start digging into the adapter code, I try to add MS Access support to the adatar (I also thought it was going to be easy) I manage to have query access but for unkown reason I'm not able to insert into the db. I will love to incorporate MS Access to the adapter but I also don't have to much time to work on it, and i don't have much knowledge on Access. So my project is back to old good Java, ;) But when I start having more time I will go back to work on it. I'll let u know its finish.

Julio Arias
Roundbox Media

By: Carl Blakeley
RE: Microsoft Access [ reply ]  
2007-01-17 10:00

The adapter does not currently support Microsoft Access. However, it should not be difficult to modify the adapter to support the MS Access ODBC driver. I'm not able to do this at present due to other time pressures. However, if you choose to make the changes yourself, we'll gladly incorporate them into the odbc-rails source code.

Carl Blakeley

By: Julio Arias
Microsoft Access [ reply ]  
2007-01-15 20:23
Those the adapter supports Microsoft Access, I'm doing a small project and the database is in Microsoft Access (I know sounds bad but thats the client requirement)

Julio Arias
Roundbox Media S.A