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By: Sean O'Neil
Looking for feedback [ reply ]  
2006-12-12 22:26
If you use Subversion to pull down the latest source code, you'll see that I've ported a bunch of additional classes, but I've only compiled them in Windows so far.

I ported the Text and Binary I/O classes for G3D's serialization methods. I also started porting the networking classes (though it may be better to use Ruby's built-in I/O support).

I've also added AudioDevice, SoundEffect, and MusicStream. (These classes were in the G3D contrib folder, not part of the main G3D package.) They add a dependency to the SDL_mixer library. I hate adding extra dependencies, but I assume some people will want to use this extension to make a game, and they'll need at least some basic sound support.

Please play around with it and let me know if you see anything broken, anything you feel can be improved, or anything not yet ported that you want me to port (some of the other contrib classes look like they would be very nice to have).

It looks like the Framebuffer class in G3D 6.10 is broken. I've been thinking of trying the G3D 7.00 beta, but it requires code changes, and I haven't had time for it yet.