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  ruby-dbi 0.4.5 ruby2.0 oci8 2.1.5 problemykds lzj12013-05-10 17:32
  dbi-dbd error with postgres using ruby 1.8.7dick wieland02011-12-21 20:26
  DBI.ConnectAl Adolfsen12011-12-16 18:13
  Last commit on Mon Dec 15 15:01:38 2008?Eustáquio Rangel22011-07-14 17:25
  Problem iterating result setValerio Schiavoni62010-12-08 13:45
  Using Ruby-DBI with DB2?Jon Kruger02010-12-02 13:14
  Turn off Parameter Binding (escape the ? ch).John Stevens12010-07-20 23:41
  DBD SQLite3 With Ruby 1.9 On Windows XPJ Offer12010-06-29 07:12
  DBI.connect error-uninitialized Mysql:DriverHelio Rodrigues72010-05-25 04:10
  Connect Ruby to SQL Server 2008 R2Chris Cropley32010-04-01 08:22
  not able to connect ruby 1.8.7 with mysql 5.1anil kumar42010-03-26 12:02
  Unable to load driver 'pg'Martin J Brown Jr02010-02-08 06:37
  Built in testsRob Redmon02009-12-29 21:51
  Postgresql with ODBC connectivityBen Spradling02009-12-17 22:22
  Conflict between deprecated gem and railsDoug James02009-11-18 16:04
  Debugging - "Could not load driver"James Calfee112009-10-13 21:02
  Questions about creating a SQL Anywhere DBDEric Farrar72009-10-12 20:30
  Running an external .sql fileDaniel Berger12009-09-22 03:03
  Issues after gem installza ge52009-07-30 14:16
  wrong number of argumentsDirk Herzhauser62009-04-07 12:45
  Quoting and the Postgres DBDDavid Evans42009-04-02 22:11
  Connection-aware DBI::TypeUtil conversionsMike Pomraning02009-03-27 03:59
  FreeTDS + Ruby DBI + MS SqlRakesh Ramakrishnan52009-03-04 06:13
  Error installing dbd-pgAssil Smaili el alaoui82009-02-26 22:46
  wrong results data from queriesRoberto Ferrari02009-02-05 00:39
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