Posted By: Karl Brodowsky
Date: 2006-03-04 04:35
Summary: LongDecimal pre-alpha-0.08
Project: LongDecimal for numbers with fixed point

This new pre-alpha release contains some support for interoperability between LongDecimal and BigDecimal. Methods for conversion between these two go via String as intermediate step, which is not very efficient, but it might be sufficient for now.
Some tests and some comments have been added, but more tests and more rdoc will be needed to complete.
Functionality that is still missing is exponential function and logarithm. trigonometric and hyperbolic functions I am not sure if they belong to LongDecimal, probably these should be handled by BigDecimal, because they are classical floating point calculations. Also for some other methods in LongDecimal it should be considered more carefully if implicit conversion to Float is the right way to go. So there is still something left for 0.09 ;-)

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