Posted By: Anupam Sengupta
Date: 2014-01-04 04:30
Summary: RubyTree R0.9.2 Released
Project: Generic Tree Data Structure for Ruby

This is a feature and bug-fix release.

==== The Features

* Rubytree now supports +postordered+ traversal via the {Tree::TreeNode#postordered_each} method. Thanks to
to { Paul de Courcel} for this.

* The Binary tree now supports +inorder+ traversal via the
{Tree::BinaryTreeNode#inordered_each} method.

* Ability to merge in another tree at a chosen node, or merge two trees to
create a third tree. Thanks to { Darren Oakley}
for this ({ pull request #2})

* RubyTree now mixes in the {
Comparable} module.

==== The Fixes

* (Partial) fix for preventing cyclic graphs in the tree

* Refactored the {Tree::TreeNode#each} method to prevent stack errors while navigating
deep trees ({ issue #12})

* Check to ensure that the added node's name is unique to the destination tree
({ merge #9}). Thanks to
{ Youssef Rebahi-Gilbert} for the idea and the initial

* Fix for {issue 23}[], where the
tree traversal on a binary tree would fail if the _left_ child was +nil+

* The traversal methods ({Tree::TreeNode#each},
{Tree::TreeNode#preordered_each}, {Tree::TreeNode#postordered_each} and
{Tree::TreeNode#breadth_each}) now correctly return an
{ Enumerator} as the
return value when no block is given, and return the receiver node if a block was
provided. This is consistent with how the standard Ruby collections work.

==== Other Changes

* Structural changes in the code to refactor out the non-core functions into
modules (mostly by extracting out non-core code as mixins).

* Significant refactoring of the documentation. The { Yardoc}
tags are now extensively used.

* Basic support built-in for including example code in the Gem. This will be
fully expanded in the next release.

* Various changes to the { bundler}, {
travis-ci} and other Rakefile related changes.

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