Posted By: Philip Ross
Date: 2013-06-02 17:12
Summary: TZInfo v1.0.0 and TZInfo::Data v1.2013.3 Released
Project: TZInfo

TZInfo version 1.0.0 and TZInfo::Data version 1.2013.3 have been released (the latter based on version 2013c of the IANA Timezone Database).

Gem, zip and tar.gz files can be found at You can use 'gem update' to upgrade if you already have the tzinfo gem installed.

The timezone data previously included with TZInfo as Ruby modules has now been moved to a separate TZInfo::Data library (available as the tzinfo-data gem). TZInfo also now supports using the system zoneinfo files on Linux, Mac OS X and other Unix-like operating systems.

If you want to continue using the Ruby timezone modules, or you are using an operating system that does not include zoneinfo files (such as Microsoft Windows), you will need to install TZInfo::Data. This can be done by running:

gem install tzinfo-data

If TZInfo::Data is installed then TZInfo will use the Ruby timezone modules. Otherwise, it will attempt to find the system zoneinfo files. Please refer to the TZInfo documentation for further information.

Changes in this release of TZInfo:

* Allow TZInfo to be used with different data sources instead of just the built-in Ruby module data files.
* Include a data source that allows TZInfo to load data from the binary zoneinfo files produced by zic and included with many Linux and Unix-like distributions.
* Remove the definition and index Ruby modules from TZInfo and move them into a separate TZInfo::Data library (available as the tzinfo-data gem).
* Default to using the TZInfo::Data library as the data source if it is installed, otherwise use zoneinfo files instead.
* Preserve the nanoseconds of local timezone Time objects when performing conversions (issue #29705).
* Don't add the tzinfo lib directory to the search path when requiring 'tzinfo'. The tzinfo lib directory must now be in the search path before 'tzinfo' is required.
* Add utc_start_time, utc_end_time, local_start_time and local_end_time instance methods to TimezonePeriod. These return an identical value as the existing utc_start, utc_end, local_start and local_end methods, but return Time instances instead of DateTime.
* Make the start_transition, end_transition and offset properties of TimezonePeriod protected. To access properties of the period, callers should use other TimezonePeriod instance methods instead (issue #7655).

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