Posted By: Thomas Leitner
Date: 2013-03-10 14:21
Summary: kramdown 1.0.0 released
Project: kramdown

## kramdown 1.0.0 released

Finally! After four years of development I proudly present you kramdown **1.0.0**!

Naturally, it is recommened to update to this version.

Although the version number now starts with one, the changes from the last release are mostly bug
fixes and some small changes. The biggest change is the **license change**: Until now kramdown was
released under the GPL but starting from 1.0.0 it is released under the **MIT license**!

The MIT license allows the use of kramdown in a commercial setting. However, if you are using
kramdown in a commercial setting, I ask you to contribute back any changes you make for the benefit
of the community and/or to make a donation - thanks in advance!

## Changes

* 4 minor changes

- New option `transliterated_header_ids` for transliterating header text into ASCII before
generating a header ID which is useful for language like Vietnamese (fixed [GH#35], requested by
Kỳ Anh)
- The quotation mark entity `"` now gets converted to its character equivalent when
- A warning is now output for IALs/ALDs that contain not attribute defintion.
- HTML footnote output is changed to use `class` instead of `rel` to achieve (X)HTML4/5

* 3 bug fixes

- Fixed [GH#38]: Encoding problem on 1.9/2.0 due to incompatible encodings -- the source string is
now converted to UTF-8 before parsing and converted back after converting (reported by Simon
- Fixed [RF#29647]: Abbreviations with non-word first character at start of text lead to exception
(reported by Stephan Dale)
- Fixed [RF#29704]: ID specified on atx style headers were not always correctly detected (reported
by Kyle Barbour)


About kramdown

kramdown is a fast, pure-Ruby Markdown-superset converter.

kramdown is yet-another-markdown-parser but fast, pure Ruby,
using a strict syntax definition and supporting several common extensions.

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