Posted By: Luis Lavena
Date: 2010-05-10 04:57
Summary: sqlite3-ruby 1.3.0.beta.1 Released
Project: SQLite-Ruby

sqlite3-ruby version 1.3.0.beta.1 has been released!

Special thanks goes to Aaron Patterson for the improved Ruby 1.9
support in this release.

* <>
* <>
* <>

This module allows Ruby programs to interface with the SQLite3
database engine ( You must have the
SQLite engine installed in order to build this module.

Note that this module is NOT compatible with SQLite 2.x.


### 1.3.0.beta.1 / 2010-05-10

* Enhancements
* Complete rewrite of C-based adapter from SWIG to hand-crafted one
See API_CHANGES document for details.
This closes: Bug #27300, Bug #27241, Patch #16020
* Improved UTF, Unicode, M17N, all that handling and proper BLOB
handling [tenderlove, nurse]

* Experimental
* Added API to access and load extensions. [kashif]
These functions maps directly into SQLite3 own enable_load_extension()
and load_extension() C-API functions. See SQLite3::Database API
documentation for details.
This closes: Patches #9178

* Bugfixes
* Corrected gem dependencies (runtime and development)
* Fixed threaded tests [Alexey Borzenkov]
* Removed GitHub gemspec
* Fixed "No definition for" warnings from RDoc
* Generate zip and tgz files for releases
* Added Luis Lavena as gem Author (maintainer)
* Prevent mkmf interfere with Mighty Snow Leopard

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