Posted By: Daniel Berger
Date: 2010-01-20 17:47
Summary: Source for all projects now on github
Project: Shards

The source code for all public Shards libraries is now on github under "djberg96". The more intrepid among may have noticed a few projects in the CVS repo that I haven't published. Here's a quick rundown of why:

archive-tarsimple - Replaced by archive-tar-external.

digest-bubblebabble - A separate, C based implementation with a slightly different interface is now part of the Ruby stdlib.

file-magic - Never finished, and there's now the "magic" gem out there that's better anyway.

fortress - Released as "notation".

gruf - This was the original basis for Ruport, but Ruport has long since surpassed it. Just use Ruport.

io-zlib - This was originally going to be a different interface for zlib, but pr-zlib pretty much took care of my needs. Never fully developed.

net-ssh-config - Now baked into, and altered for, the net-ssh library.

ruby_test - Released as "berger_spec" on github.

readline - Supplanted by pr-readline.

time-interval - Never really developed. Supplanted by libraries like chronic, et al.

ustring - Not really developed, and I wasn't really sure it was a good idea.

wuby - Changes here will be baked into Sapphire in one form or another.



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