Posted By: Chris Duncan
Date: 2009-10-06 15:25
Summary: Bunny v0.6.0 AMQP Client Released
Project: bunny

Changes in this release are as follows -

* Improved Queue#subscribe/unsubscribe and introduction of new Bunny::Subscription class. (Thanks to Chris Gaffney)
* Improved error handling with introduction of Client#check_response method
* New error classes Bunny::ForcedConnectionCloseError and Bunny::ForcedChannelCloseError
* Bunny::Subscription now only passes a hash into the subscription block. It contains – :header, :payload and :delivery_details
* Queue#subscribe does not require a block. If no block is supplied then messages will be consumed without further processing.
* Queue#pop can take an optional code block. If block is present then return hash is passed into the block and nil is returned
* Queue#pop now only returns a hash if no block is passed in. It contains – :header, :payload and :delivery_details
* Support for SSL connections via stunnel using openssl library. (Thanks to Jared Kuolt)
* Client#returned_message returns a hash. If it times out it contains – :header => nil, :payload => :no_return, :return_details => nil. The method also now handles messages that are larger than the maximum frame size.
* Client#new has an added :connect_timeout option that is used when creating a socket. (Thanks to Jared Kuolt)
* Client#socket now raises Qrack::ConnectionTimeout if socket creation times out. (Thanks to Jared Kuolt)

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