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  Unable to install win32-api-1.4.7.gemshanth 12014-01-10 19:44
  Process.create( and the environment parameterGavin Jefferies52012-10-19 04:43
  Console control handler?John H32011-11-07 20:30
  frozen string on CreateProcess?Pok Lau22011-10-17 20:55
  SetForegroundWindow and FindWindowDave Jenkins42011-05-22 21:53
  Process.kill(0, {pid}) on Windows Server 2008Lonnie Warpup12011-05-03 16:40
  msvcrt-ruby18.dll looked for on ruby 1.9.2p13Dan Tenenbaum22011-01-11 07:52"Application") failsLittle Snake82010-12-10 10:19
  Listing NTFS permissionsTomas Valenta12010-12-01 14:08
  Use pure ruby create a win32 windowwang yong12010-12-01 14:07
  msvcrt-ruby18.dll issue with win32-processBill T52010-09-28 01:44
  pointers and whatnot in Win32::APIJarmo Pertman12010-05-15 19:56
  How to make beep sounds to sound card?year ll12010-04-24 12:59
  no such file to load -- win32/eventlogAaron Drever72010-02-23 17:34
  win32-api / Ruby 1.9.1 / ocraMichel Demazure22010-02-20 19:39
  msvcrt-ruby18.dll not found in daemonMurmansk Manny32009-12-20 15:23
  port to 1.9.1Chuck Emary72009-11-16 22:26
  Windows long paths issueDavid Croley42009-11-12 17:34
  I'm so confuse. Win32API or Win32::APIBob Whiteside62009-10-19 02:51
  Unable to 'gem install win32-sound'~ ~22009-09-02 20:32
  set_permission fails for domain usersJim Zajkowski12009-09-02 18:50
  Problem using require "'windows/pipe'"Christopher Smith62009-08-27 19:18
  win32-service starting error problemblack Simon12009-08-24 17:59
  win32/api Installation / usage issuesAndrew Hunt22009-06-10 03:11
  Win32 Change JournalStuart Clarke12009-06-08 09:14
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