Posted By: Charlie Savage
Date: 2009-03-06 17:01
Summary: libxml-ruby-0.9.9
Project: LibXML

We're happy to announce the release of libxml-ruby 0.9.9. This release is chock full of goodies:

* Ruby 1.9.1 support
* Much reduced memory usage
* Better OS X 10.5 and MacPorts support
* Tons of bug fixes (see changelog)

At this point, the libxml-ruby bindings are in great shape. They are fast, stable, have a clean api and are reasonably well documented (see the latest RDocs).

Next up is the 1.0 release. So install the bindings, make sure the test suite passes, and run them with your applications. Make sure to report any issues you find on RubyForge:



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