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  About Text_wrap Querypunitha m02012-05-02 09:40
  How to remove cell borders in a worksheet.Tetsuya Takahashi02012-02-14 06:03
  Cant seem to get Font format to work.Tetsuya Takahashi12012-02-14 05:39
  Cant seem to get Font format to workEdward Stembler02011-09-09 18:53
  Is my code ok?Felipe Tanus12011-06-11 01:14
  problem of Reading an exited file.sss dddd12011-06-11 01:13
  Adding an image to the sheetKevin Steinke02011-04-22 18:24
  more colorscharles lesburg12011-01-24 17:57
  force_encoding RuntimeErrorTim Van Patten02010-12-01 02:01
  Unable to format an entire columnJohn Baylor02010-10-16 00:24
  How to write global variables to cellsJoe VanQuakebeke22010-09-23 10:37
  add comment to celljoe nimot02010-08-10 21:52
  Iconv::IllegalSequence in encodings.rbRainer Blessing32010-07-22 15:58
  Undefined method "content" for nilKIKA tomato02010-07-22 01:40
  Quadratic scalability?Andrew Grimm02010-06-23 03:59
  Last col in row has special character appendJulie Visnov02010-06-01 19:19
  Spreadsheet not working in production environPikender Sharma42010-06-01 13:03
  Potential bug with using set_formatTomasz Borowski02010-05-19 13:55
  Printing propertiesP K02010-03-15 12:43
  Setting Background colorCorey Martella52010-03-04 15:15
  Define format only for one cell ....P K12010-03-04 15:14
  Help with merging cellsSam Gelbart42010-03-02 10:04
  Updating Excel fileW N12010-02-22 15:05
  cell/column word wrapKevin Tambascio12010-02-22 14:36
  Trying to load spreadsheetSimon Milne02009-12-11 01:59
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