Posted By: Erik Hollensbe
Date: 2008-08-24 09:07
Summary: DBI 0.4.0
Project: Ruby/DBI

DBI 0.4.0 is the next stable release of DBI, a lightweight database agnostic interface modeled after Perl's DBI.

This release brings many things:

* Type conversion is now universally managed amongst DBDs. Please see
DBI::Type and DBI::TypeUtil and the DBI::StatementHandle#bind_coltype method.
* Rubygems support! All DBDs and DBI will now install and appropriately fetch
prerequisites (when possible) via the 'gem' command and other Rubygems
* Lots of code has been cleaned up and the filesystem has been significantly
* Many bugfixes due to inconsistencies between DBDs.
* DBDs that were deprecated in 0.2.0 have been removed, as have the Proxy and
Trace libraries (they didn't work anyways.) Proxy and Trace will be revisited
in the future.
* Several calls and classes have been deprecated in favor of native
ruby replacements.
* Tons of new documentation for both DBI users and DBD developers alike.

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