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  Tagged lists showing unpublished guidesIan Chan92010-10-22 21:25
  Version 1.5 ReleasedAdmin Admin12010-09-27 19:22
  Related Guides bugIan Chan12010-09-08 21:04
  SSL login for a la carte?wade guidry22010-09-02 21:18
  order of course guides (by subject, or a-z)wade guidry32010-08-02 23:44
  v1.4 - Catalog module works only on first usewade guidry42010-07-08 00:25
  Where in code to add a tag to header?wade guidry162010-06-29 22:22
  Quiz module error in a la carte 1.4.5David Lippert72010-06-14 23:21
  Critical Bug in 1.4.5 Admin Admin02010-05-21 21:06
  Create links to specific subject categories?David Lippert32010-03-04 21:33
  V 1.4.5 Admin Admin22010-02-09 19:41
  fulltxt dod field in 1.4, was it dropped?wade guidry12010-02-08 18:35
  Ruby 1.8.5?wade guidry12010-02-02 23:39
  Upgrade to 1.4 problemIan Chan22010-02-02 23:09
  reserves_scraper.rb in V1.4wade guidry32010-01-12 23:53
  Bug Fix for V1.4Admin Admin02009-12-04 23:26
  Missing step in updateAdmin Admin02009-12-03 22:03
  Subject Guides change default settingsLindsay McVey12009-12-02 18:43
  DODS table fulltxt default valuesChad Hutchens42009-10-29 18:52
  RSS module - strange resultsDavid Lippert12009-10-09 17:41
  Use of course reserves modulewade guidry42009-09-28 16:58
  Related subjects per GuideIan Chan52009-09-27 22:53
  Google Analytics in a la CarteDavid Lippert52009-09-27 22:51
  Enforce SSL for loginIan Chan12009-09-14 22:35
  Setting "browse a - z" as default display?wade guidry12009-08-18 02:56
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