Posted By: Pramod Gopinath
Date: 2008-03-14 00:50
Summary: Release of GlassFish v3 gem 0.1.2
Project: JRuby gem for GlassFish V3 server

Issues addressed in v0.1.2 :

The last released gem (v0.1.1) contained that bugs that were reported by users on the GlassFish Issue tracker and RubyForge Tracker.
This release deals with those bugs.
1. Scaffold created using Rails 2.0.2 adding duplicate entries with v3 gem 0.1.1
2. After the execution of an Ajax request, all subsequent requests are also treated as Ajax requests.
3. When using observe_field for AJAX capabilities, it only works once and any attempt afterwards returns the first selected dataset.
These 3 bugs followed the same pattern and was a tricky one to isolate and solve for me.
Would like to thank Thomas Enebo of the JRuby core team for his help in isolating
the root cause of these issues.

4. Another bug that has been fixed as part of this gem release is - Blank page returned if there are no Rails instances available.
5. Based on comments from Thomas Enebo, have changed the way we were processing requests as part of the gem.
In the previous releases of the gem, for each request we were causing the request to be parsed before actually executing it.
This obviously was increasing the time taken for each request. Have fixed this as part of this release.
Would be great to hear back from users about the performance gain that they are seeing with their application when using the gem v0.1.2.

Further details about this gem can be found at my blog :

To provide feedback for this gem send email to either or /> Issues/Bugs can be filed at :

Public page :

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