Posted By: Gregory Brown
Date: 2007-12-10 03:52
Summary: PDF::Writer 1.1.4
Project: Ruby PDF Tools

I'm happy to announce we have our first PDF::Writer maintenance release ready.
This includes a number of bug fixes; some of the interesting ones include:

* Better memory footprint for PDF::SimpleTable
* Fixed an error with BMP images in ImageInfo#measure_BMP
* Temporary removal of encryption functionality, as it seems to have
numerous issues
* Resolved an issue with ordering of column names in PDF::SimpleTable
* Resolved an issue with shading in PDF::SimpleTable
* Applied a patch to allow toggling visible column separators in QuickRef
* Partially fixed issues with page numbering

== Get it

gem install pdf-writer -y

== Get Involved

Mike Milner and myself are working on getting familiar with the
PDF::Writer codebase, but it'll take us a while to get up to full
steam. We are really relying on community bug reports, patches, and
guidance to keep this project moving forward. You can find all the
relevant info, including mailing list and subversion info on our Trac:

Please feel free to use the mailing list to bring up any issues with
PDF::Writer you'd like. We know it is slow, so please come with
suggestions in the form of patches if that's your complaint. :)

== Acknowledgments

Virtually all of these fixes came from either Austin or the community,
so aside from janitorial work I've done so far, they deserve all the

Special thanks goes to Eric Budd, Fabio Aquotte, and Alexander Lang
for patches. Hopefully late thanks are better than none at all :)

== Note

We still haven't killed all outstanding issues with PDF::Writer. We
plan to have a 1.1.5 release out reasonably soon with some more fixes.
Until then, hopefully this will tighten things up a bit.



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