Posted By: Austin Ziegler
Date: 2007-11-30 20:45
Summary: color 1.4.0 Released
Project: Color

color version 1.4.0 has been released!

The capabilities of the Color library are limited to pure mathematical
manipulation of the colours based on colour theory without reference to colour
profiles (such as sRGB or Adobe RGB). For most purposes, when working with the
RGB and HSL colours, this won't matter. However, some colour models (like CIE
L*a*b*) are not supported because Color does not yet support colour profiles,
giving no meaningful way to convert colours in absolute colour spaces (like
L*a*b*, XYZ) to non-absolute colour spaces (like RGB).


## Color 1.4.0 / 2007.02.11
* Merged Austin Ziegler's color-tools library (previously part of the Ruby
PDF Tools project) with Matt Lyon's color library.
- The HSL implementation from the Color class has been merged into
Color::HSL. Color is a module the way it was for color-tools.
- A thin veneer has been written to allow Color::new to return a Color::HSL
instance; Color::HSL supports as many methods as possible that were
previously supported by the Color class.
- Values that were previously rounded by Color are no longer rounded;
fractional values matter.
* Converted to hoe for project management.
* Moved to the next step of deprecating Color::Name values; printing a
warning for each use (see the history for color-tools 1.3.0).
* Print a warning on the access of either VERSION or COLOR_TOOLS_VERSION; the
version constant is now COLOR_VERSION.
* Added humanized versions of accessors (e.g., CMYK colours now have both #cyan
and #c to access the cyan component of the colour; #cyan provides the value
as a percentage).
* Added CSS3 formatters for RGB, RGBA, HSL, and HSLA outputs. Note that the
Color library does not yet have a way of setting alpha opacity, so the
output for RGBA and HSLA are at full alpha opacity (1.0). The values are
output with two decimal places.
* Applied a patch to provide simple arithmetic colour addition and subtraction
to Color::GrayScale and Color::RGB. The patch was contributed by Jeremy
Hinegardner <>. This patch also provides the ability to
return the maximum RGB value as a grayscale colour.
* Fixed two problems reported by Jean Krohn <> against
color-tools relating to RGB-to-HSL and HSL-to-RGB conversion. (Color and
color-tools use the same formulas, but the ordering of the calculations is
slightly different with Color and did not suffer from this problem;
color-tools was more sensitive to floating-point values and precision
* Fixed an issue with HSL/RGB conversions reported by Adam Johnson
* Added an Adobe Color swatch (Photoshop) palette reader,
Color::Palette::AdobeColor (for .aco files only).

## Color 0.1.0 / 2006.08.05
* Added HSL (degree, percent, percent) interface.
* Removed RGB instance variable; color is managed internally as HSL floating
* Tests!

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