Posted By: Thomas Preymesser
Date: 2007-08-26 07:24
Summary: roo 0.5.1 Released
Project: roo - parse spreadsheets with Ruby

roo version 0.5.1 has been released!

roo can access the contents of OpenOffice-Spreadsheets and Excel-Spreadsheets


## 0.5.1 2007-08-26
* 4 enhancements:
* Openoffice: Exception if an illegal sheet-name is selected
* Openoffice/Excel: no need to set a default_sheet if there is only one in
the document
* Excel: can now read zip-ed files
* Excel: can now read files from http://-URL over the net

## 0.5.0 2007-07-20
* 3 enhancements:
* Excel-objects: the methods default_sheet= and sheets can now handle names instead of numbers
* changed the celltype methods to return symbols, not strings anymore (possible values are :formula, :float, :string, :date, :percentage (if you need strings you can convert it with .to_s)
* tests can now run on the client machine (not only my machine), if there are not public released files involved these tests are skipped

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